Windows ME/2000/XP Unsigned drivers for ViewSonic desktop displays


This article provides the links to Unsigned drivers for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/XP 64-bit and the installation instructions. It also explains about "Signed" drivers.

Affected Products



Software downloads

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP Unsigned drivers for ViewSonic desktop displays - (about 1.2MB) Windows XP 64-bit Unsigned drivers for ViewSonic desktop displays - (about 2MB)

What does signed and unsigned mean?

A signed product is one that has been certified by Microsoft. Signed drivers are available only for Windows Me, 2000 and XP. We strongly encourage you install Signed drivers if you're using Windows ME/2000/XP. You can obtain a copy of Signed drivers at Article #3: "Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 Signed drivers for ViewSonic desktop displays"

How do I know if my product is signed or unsigned?

You can find out by going to Just type in ViewSonic in the search box and select Monitor. Click Search Now and the logo models with checkmarks are signed. Logo models have signed drivers while compatible models have unsigned drivers.


According to the operating system you're using, read appropriate instructions below to install the driver:

Instructions for Windows 95 - vsinf_w95.pdf (about 42.3KB) Instructions for Windows 98 - vsinf_w98.pdf (about 57KB) Instructions for Windows ME - vsinf_wme.pdf (about 68.7KB) Instructions for Windows 2000 - vsinf_w2000.pdf (about 274.2KB) Instructions for Windows XP - vsinf_xp.pdf (about 250.9KB)
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Last modified: 2005/9/5

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